The Quartier du Mercadio
(or Egg Market) is near the bridge. A long time ago, eggs were sold there, this was an ancient market, outside the village walls. Mention is made of several houses being there in the XVth century.

The Old Mill
At the foot of the cliffs on which stand the Old Church and the Chastel-Vieih there was a watermill worked by water brought by a mill race, fed by a small weir just below the bridge. The old ferry crossed the river just above this weir
Queen Jeanne's Tower, Toussaint's Tower or Tournelle
This stands on the cliffs overlooking the Peyrefroide torrent, at the beginning of the road to Uzer. It was an advanced defence post and was probably built as …a look-out tower in the Middle Ages. Its name reminds us of the passage of Jeanne de Balazuc, a woman of great personality, in the XVIth century.
The Chapel of Notre-Dame-de-Lourdes
By the road, leading to the village stands a votive chapel, which recalls the terrible epidemic of cholera which ravaged the region in 1884 but spared the people of Balazuc.
Cote Labeaume
A superb view-point overlooking the beginning of the canyon and the Ardèche river. Opposite is the hamlet of Servières, a peaceful place between the oak-covered hills and river pools rich with fish, below the cliffs of Cote Labeaume.
The Mas de Servières, an old dwelling, is mentioned in the oldest documents about Balazuc.
The Hamlet of Vieil Audon
was completely abandoned during the 19th century. During the last 25 years it has been partially restored by the association "Eco-Village du Vieil Audon". It is a holiday centre for the young who help to restore it. Goats are bred there and produce excellent cheese
The Old Railway Station
The railway line from Le Teil to Alès was opened in 1876 with a railway station at Balazuc but 2km from the village.
Until 1950 the traffic was important for the economy of the region. The line was closed in 1969.
The Farm of Largelas
On the plateau of Les Gras about 3km from the village, stands an isolated farm, surrounded by walls. This represents a traditional farmhouse in a vast and mostly unfertile country-side.
The Château de la Borie
Between Balazuc and Pradons, in this castle were signed two peace conventions between Catholics and Protestants at the end of the 16th century.
The Ferry across the Ardèche
Before the bridge was built, there was a ferry to cross the river. On the right bank can be seen the paved path leading to a landing place, still well preserved.
The Bridge
Built in 1884. Access was via the "Chemin Royal" from the upper village and via the Sand Quarry Gate from the lower part of the village before the use of the actual road. On September 2nd 1890 the bridge resisted an exceptionally high flood tide which came over the bridge.
Ardèche's high flood tide in 1992
The level of the high flood tide, above the bridge, in 1890